Audiodome: SoundBlox & Playground

International Workshop on Aesthetics and Education using Multimodal Ambient Intelligence Systems

Animax, 53173 Bonn, Moltkestr.7-9 (Kinopolis Building)

25th August 2010, 11h-18h

Meeting Point: Wed 25 August 2010, 9:00h, Bus station in front of Dortmund Central Station.

Organized by Bodo Lensch (Animax) & Thomas Hermann (CITEC, Bielefeld University) as part of the ISEA2010 excursions - Tour Animax, Bonn

Speakers and Presenters: Sam Auinger,Till Bovermann, Sven Hahne ,Thomas Hermann, Bastian Kriesten, Bodo Lensch, Katharina Rohlfing, Georg Spehr, and René Tünnermann.

Two of the main focuses of the Animax are the creation and application of aesthetic perception and game environments by means of multimodal interaction technologies. Collaborative motion- and group-oriented projects are being increasingly accepted by children, parents and teachers. Combining motion- and perceptual components has a profoundly positive effect on motivation, cognition and social behaviour. In the flow of community action, the children develop the ability to observe, organise, and memorise details and to experience spontaneous joy inintellectual tasks.
Contact: Dr. Bodo Lensch,

The Ambient Intelligence Group at the Center of Excellence in Cognitive Interaction Technology (CITEC) at Bielefeld University develops new interfaces and interaction modes in the areas of smart environments, wearable and pervasive computing, augmented reality, tangible and surface-based interaction. As particular display method, sonifications, the auditory display of information, are developed with applications in interactive data exploration, closed-loop aiding of movements for sports, dance and musical instrument tuition, or visually impaired people, to name a few.
Contact: Dr. Thomas Hermann,

The installations Audiodome Playground and Audiodome SoundBlox - a work developed with the Ambient Intelligence Group at CITEC, Bielefeld University - are being shown.



Welcome Address and Introduction

Bodo Lensch (Animax)

Till Bovermann (for CITEC, Bielefeld University)


Guide to the Animax


A tour to previous work


Lunch break (self-organized)

Keynote talks


Bodo Lensch: Cultural Education–A new motoric, cooperation-based approach


Thomas Hermann: Sonification for Multimodal Experiences and Exploration


Hands-on Session

Audiodome Playground (Guide: Sven Hahne)

Audiodome Soundblox–Hidden creatures (Guide: Bodo Lensch)

Audiodome Soundblox–Music Sequencing (Guide: Rene Tünnermann)

Audiodome Soundblox–Graspable Data: Sonification at your hands (Guide: Till Bovermann, Rene Tünnermann)

Spotlight Presentations


Till Bovermann: Tangible Auditory Interfaces


Bastian Kriesten and Katharina Rohlfing: Communicative Toys and Emergentist Semantics



Sam Auinger: tbd.

Plenary Discussion on Perpectives of Technology for Preschool and Primary School Education


Bodo Lensch: Some visions for preschool education


Plenary Discussion with Bodo Lensch, Till Bovermann, Georg Spehr, Katharina Rohlfing, and Sam Auinger


Closing / Farewell



Description of the works:

Audiodome SoundBlox is a new media platform consisting of sounding objects (large colored cubes with sides covered by amoeba-like structures) to be touched and interacted with. They react on being moved and represent a tool for constructing sound architecture.

Sound Objects describe the audible and visible experience emerging from a tight interplay of sensing, program control and multimodal reactions on physical (tangible) interactions. Techniques such as interactive programming, sonification & visualization, sound synthesis involving sound archives and speech synthesis are used. The Soundblox are connected wirelessly and contain loudspeakers for spatially localized sound. Above the action space a ceiling camera matches the changing patterns, positions and spatial structures and rotation status of the cubes. All these characteristics have direct and instantaneous influence on the multimodal feedback which closes the interaction loop. Just as the colors, individual sounds are rendered for the respective cube and characterize the SoundBlox as instruments. Soundblox are audio-haptic interface objects and both input and display medium. Current applications include collaborative sound architecture, story telling, and interactive sonification.

Audiodome Playground – A walkable 8x8m floor projection, combined with an 8 x 3 m wall projection form the board of Audiodome Playground. The players interact using modified Wii controllers which were integrated in the tracking system of the Animax.

The game world of Audiodome Playground includes several sound generators: among them are modules that are modelled on classic synths, physical models in which the user engages through corresponding physical actions, or sequence generators which display composition models of new music, such as of Iannis Xenakis. The visitors of this sonic playground are challenged to lead a common musical dialogue, or rather to merge their action to a musically meaningful whole.